Static Accessories

Static Accessories


      A sustainable alternative to flipcharts and sticky notes that's fun to use and saves you time and money.

      Innovative electrostatic technology.

      The range of Static Accessories are made from electrostatic-charged, 100% recyclable film. They stick completely flat to any smooth surface without glue, so your ideas are always visual. No risk of residue or damaging surfaces, and don't fall off saving you from 'sticky note confetti' fustration! Perfect for workshops and meetings, around the offices or at off-site locations.

      Saves you time and money

      No more cutting bits of tape or using tack to stick flip charts on walls. And no more wasting time struggling to get tack or tape off the wall at the end of the workshop. Faster to apply and move around the wall. Absolutely no risk of damaging walls therefore eliminating potentially high repair bills.

      Made with the environment in mind.

      The Static Accessories are made with the environment in mind. They’re 100% recyclable. Less notes fall off creating less waste. Our notes are semi-reusable; the colour side is not erasable, the white side is erasable.  Our whiteboard and clearboard sheets are completely erasable and reusable.