Magnetic Display Walls

It's so important to display children's schoolwork in the classroom. It promotes a positive learning culture, celebrates individual achievements, and encourages collaboration and growth among students.

Why not create a special magnetic area where you can hang displays and easily update them as your needs allow.

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Writable Desks

Writable desks are work surfaces or tabletops that are specially designed to be written on using dry-erase markers. They foster active learning, collaboration, and visual representation of ideas in the classroom, creating an interactive and dynamic educational environment.

With whiteboard paint, you can paint the surface of an existing desk to create an instant writable surface without breaking the bank...

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Revitalise Tired Surfaces

Do you have whiteboards that are in need of a refresh? If you don't have the budget for new ones, you can resurface existing whiteboards using whiteboard paint.

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Creative Chalk Area

We absolutely love this arts and crafts area. Setting up an arts and crafts area in a classroom can be a fantastic way to encourage creativity and engage students in hands-on activities.

We love the combination of magnetic paint and blackboard paint to maximise the space of this creative corner.

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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning offers students a connection with nature and experiential learning which differs from being inside the classroom. Ourdoor learning can have a positive impact on individuals' educational outcomes and personal development. Use Whiteboard Paint or Blackbord Paint to create these interesting learning spaces.

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Higher Education

Not just for small children, SketchPaint is perfect for colleges and higher education as you can create huge teaching walls for collaborative learning.

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