Create your very own chalkboard surface using one of these clever products.

Blackboard paint and Blackboard Wallpaper both allow you to create writable surfaces that accept chalk drawings, notes and annotations.

Blackboard paint can be used on its own to create beautiful chalkboard walls, or paired with Magnetic Paint to create magnetic and writable walls. Blackboard paint is also available in a traditional black option or bright colours to make creative surfaces for work and play.

So how do you know which one is best for you?

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Wall Size Not constrained by size or shape - paint onto any surface you want. Supplied in two roll widths (1.5m or 0.7m)
Colour Available in 7 colours including traditional black. Available in black only
Magnetic Properties Pair Blackboard paint magentic paint for a magnetically receptive display area. No magnetic option
Time is of the essence Blackboard paint must be applied to the surface and allowed to dry for 3 days before writing on the surface. Blackboard wallpaper is self-adhesive and is installed very quickly.

  • Blackboard Paint

    Paint onto any smooth surface to create a writable area suitable for chalk. Blackboard Paint comes in a choice of colour options and is not limited by size.

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  • Blackboard Wallpaper

    Self-adhesive wallpaper to create a writable area suitable for chalk. Ready to use - can be written on with chalk and easily wiped clean. Roll widths 760mm or 1520mm wide.

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