Write on, Wipe off, and stick with magnetic attachmentsWhiteboard paints and wallpapers allow you to create an erasable whiteboard on any wall or flat surface.

Both options offer a modern flexible approach and allow you to create large whiteboard walls or cover tricky sizes or shapes. You can even cover table tops or furniture to create something really unique. Anywhere you want a scribble surface. 

So how do you know which one is best for you?

  • Best option if you are looking for a seamless dry erase whiteboard surface. Whiteboard paint comes supplied in a tin and can be painted directly onto a flat smooth surface. Pair with magnetic paint or plaster for a magnetic whiteboard finish.

  • Quick and easy to apply, whiteboard wallpaper products offer excellent value for money and stick directly onto the surface with adhesive. Wallpaper can be cut to size but is supplied on a roll in set widths. Available in Magnetic option.

Wall Size Normally more cost effective for smaller areas (less than 1.2m high x 4m wide) More cost effective where you have a number of walls or a larger surface area to create
Join Lines Best option if you are willing to pay a premium for no join lines If the area is larger than the standard roll size (1.2m high or 10m wide) you will need to join sections together to cover the area which will create join lines
Magnetic Properties Pair whiteboard paint with magentic primer or paint for a magnetically receptive display Products already come as magnetically receptive so no need for additional product or installation
Time is of the essence Paint products need a few days to cure before they can be used as a writable surface Whiteboard wallpaper products are fast to apply and can be used immediately. Best if time is of the essence.