magnetic whiteboard wallpaper on a wall

Whiteboard Wallpaper


      Writable, magnetically receptive whiteboard roll

      It’s great when a team comes together to share ideas and collaborate, but this often leads to a load of notes stuck or pinned to walls, and eventually... all over the floor!

      Drawing pins leave unsightly holes, tape and bluetac leave marks. It's time for a better solution. Introducing the FlexiFamily... 

      Flexi products are writable, magnetically receptive wallpaper featuring a high ferrous content to guarantee strong magnetic properties, as well as write-on, wipe-off dry erase surface.

      You can cut the flexible products to fit any size, any wall. Create full whiteboard walls or make the most of unused and unusual spaces. Easy to apply and create a real impact.

      • FlexiStick - self-adhesive, best for smaller or single run applications
      • FlexiSheet - join strips together to create large whiteboard areas
      • FlexiProject - for dual functionality of projection and writing surface
      • FlexiRoll - this is a non-magnetic version for those on a tight budget
        7 products

        7 products