Quirky Frames

We absolutely love this design at an interior designer showroom.

Magnetic Paint has been applied to the wall and then painted over int his lovely dark greeat colour.

The wooden frames are then attached to the wall to create wonderful little areas to showcase mood boards and design ideas.

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Magnetic Shoe Display

Magnet Plaster is 3x stronger than magnetic paint, and can be applied quickly to large areas. In this shoe shop, the wall has been treated with magnet plaster beneith the finish colour creating a wall with very strong magnetic attraction.

The little shelves are backed with magnetic strip so that the displays can be moved around to match that seasons products.


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Magnetic Gallery

Another great use of magnetpaint. In an architects studio, this full wall has been coated with MagnetPaint and then painted over with Black paint to create a huge display area to hang designs and pictures.

Transport your images to anywhere in the world, create special effects all from your very own studio.

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