Big area for big ideas

With whiteboard paint, you can choose a wall in your meeting or training room, and paint the whole area to create a floor to ceiling whiteboard for note-making, scribbling down ideas and drawing diagrams.

All the functionality of traditional whiteboards without the size limitations.

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Crystal clear projection

Share ideas and images with a large projected image.

BeamerPaint turns any smooth surface into an area suitble for projection. Create large projection surfaces for a fraction of the price of a traditiional projector screen.

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A touch of nostalgia

Fancy a meeting room with something more traditional than a whiteboard? We love this floor to ceiling blackboard area for making notes during meetings.

As well as a writable chalk surface this application has magnetic paint under the blackboard paint so that notes and attachments can be stuck to the wall with magnets during the meeting.

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Office within an office

We love the use of whiteboard paint in this partitioned office. The glass walls are really cool and create a private area within an open space for an office-within-an-office.

The full wall is painted with whiteboard paint to create a really useful space for scribbling during meetings.

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Magnetic Attraction

Move away from sticky notes stuck all over the wall by creating a large magnetic area with Magnetpaint.

You can cover this with any colour or even wallpaper to match the rest of your room.

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Scrum Walls

Create a visual scrum/kanban wall to organise your projects.

The Scrum wall serves as a visual representation of the project's progress, allowing team members to have a shared understanding of the work in progress, identify blockers or impediments, and facilitate collaboration and communication among team members. A brilliant addition to the meeting room.

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