Relaxing Areas

Relaxing spaces can be created with comfortable furniture like sofas or beanbags, low coffee tables and ambient lighting.

We love how this customer has made the most of their wall by applying a happy yellow colour to the wall, with a clear whiteboard paint on top. This has created the perfect breakout space for emplyees to recharge their batteries.

The industrial grey wall finish is still forefront in this design, whilst the writable feature is being put to good use.

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Nothing helps refresh the mind than a brew break. Rejuvenate your staff kitchen area with Blackboard paint to create exciting areas for your team to meet and bond over a hot cuppa!

This would be ideal for an open plan office where your team hotdesk or come into the office on certain days only.

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Games Area

The "All work and no play" approach leads to a tired and demotivated team. Why not take a break and have a game of ping pong?!

If you're lucky enough to have an area like this in your office, make the most of the wall space behind with a writable wall.

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Big screen viewing

Why not create a large area for viewing games, films or sport? The perfect way to wind down whilst on your break.

Beamerpaint can be applied to any flat wall to make it perfectly suited to projection.

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