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50 Shades of Grey

We just love the way this back wall is covered in transparent whiteboard paint to create a massive backdrop in this shared office.

The industrial grey wall finish is still forefront in this design, whilst the writable feature is being put to good use.

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Office Calendar

Create a massive office calendar like this with chalkbord paint. We love this idea for encouraging social engagement in the workplace.

This would be ideal for an open plan office where your team hotdesk or come into the office on certain days only.

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Sketchy Backdrops

If you are lucky enough to work in a beautiful building and don't want to paint straight onto the walls - no problem. This is a great solution to still acheive full height writable walls without covering brickwork or other original features.

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Inviting reception

Blackboard paint can create an interesting reception area that can be regularly updated.

Blackboard paint is available in a choice of funky colours.

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Any size, any shape...

We just love how these columns have been utilised in this picture.

Leave yourself notes and memos, jot down messages. Transparent whiteboard paint can be applied to any smooth flat surface for a writeable area.

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Office Greenscreen

If you need to create video footage for product demonstrations, promo videos or social media content, our green screen paint can allow you to utilise the corner of an office or a dedicated space. Turn a wall into your very own greenscreen.

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