Paint For Pros

The Paint for Pros range of products are designed with the professional painter decorator and contractor in mind.

These products are all supplied in larger quantities, perfect for completing those larger-scale commercial contracts.

Top-quality products, and formulated for professional use.

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  • VOC Free

    All of the Paint for Pros products have no VOC (volatile organic compounds) in them. They are safe to use indoors and have virtually no unpleasant odour as they dry.

  • Safe & Easy To Apply

    All of the Paint for Pros products are easy to apply and safe to use. Most products are water based so are easy to clean away after use.

  • Eco Friendly

    Water Based, VOC free and emmission free paints are better for the environment as well being perfectly safe for use

Paint For Pros Brand

The Paint for Pros paints are developed byMagPaint Europe in thier own laboratory by a team of experienced specialists and professional painters.

This ensures that you, as a professional, can offer the highest quality. Discover how our revolutionary formula can also work for you!