These special effects paints from MagPaint are all designed to make the most out of your walls and free surfaces. Primarily designed for home use, whether you are using a bedroom to create videos and content for your business or you want to design something really magical for a child's bedroom, these paints are all:

• Ready for use & quick and easy to apply
• Environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors
• Water-Based, Safe, Certified & Tested

  • GlowPaint - Magic Lighting in the dark!

    Create glow-in-the-dark luminous masterpieces with GlowPaint. A premium water-based paint that makes walls, furniture or other objects glow in the dark. Lights off, Glow Paint on.

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  • GreenScreen Paint - Bring your videos to life!

    Create your very own greenscreen with our Greenscreen paint. Using Chroma Key video editing techniques you can get creative and transport your footage to wherever your imagination takes you...

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  • BluesScreen Paint - Bring your videos to life!

    Similar to Greenscreen but Blue instead, Bluescreen paint is better suited to low-light shoots or where the subject is wearing a lot of green. Ready for use & quick and easy to apply.

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