Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard paint is specialist paint that you can apply to any smooth surface to create a dry erase writeable whiteboard finish. You can then use standard drywipe marker pens to draw, annotate and write on your new surface as though it were a conventional whiteboard. Wipe off, and start again!

Without the confines of a standard whiteboard - whiteboard paint can be applied in any size or shape, to any flat smooth surface.

Use WHITE finish for a traditional whiteboard effect, or try the CLEAR finish over any colour emulsion to match existing decor or paint over wooden surfaces.

We offer two tried and tested reputable brands:

  • SketchPaint

    A great quality and superb value Whiteboard Paint, Sketchpaint can be paired with Magnetpaint to create a magnetic and writable surface.

  • Escreo

    Another trusted brand of whiteboard paint, Escreo paints come with an optional installation kit with everything you need to install a whiteboard wall.

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White Finish

For a traditional white dry erase surface opt for the SketchPaint or Escreo whiteboard paint in White. Bright white, high gloss finish.

Any Colour

To create whiteboards of any colour or even wood effect, choose SketchPaint Transparent or Escreo Clear. High gloss see through finish showing the colour underneath.

Writable, Paint-On Whiteboard

Whiteboard paints are a cost-effective way to cover a small or awkwardly shaped area and are also perfect for creating big writable surfaces as they can be applied to large areas easily. Traditional whiteboards, and even whiteboard wallpapers, can be used to cover large areas but have join lines where the boards/wallpaper meet and can be impossible to fit to uneven surfaces. With Whiteboard Paints you can achieve a completely seamless finish with no join lines at all, and regardless of how flat or true the surface is. This creates a really sleek and stylish look across a much wider range of applications.

Whiteboard paints are available in WHITE finish – like a traditional whiteboard, or CLEAR. Clear paints allow you to paint your wall/surface any colour you want before applying the whiteboard paint on top. Bright coloured walls, or even over the top of wood for a dry erase wood effect area.

Whiteboard paints can also be paired with magnetic paints and primers to create a writeable, magnetically receptive wall- again with a white finish or any colour you want if you opt for the clear finish. When combined, these products offer the power to create any type of writable surface you want.

You can apply the paint to walls, tabletops, pillars, doors - or practically any surface. Ideal for business users as well as in the home: think kitchen menus, a wipeable scribble wall in a child’s bedroom or playroom, a place for keeping track of jobs in a home office etc.

How do whiteboard paints work?

Whiteboard paints come as a two-part formula. You mix the tins together, and a chemical reaction occurs. You then have a limited amount of time to apply the paint to your desired surface. Once the paint dries, it cures super-hard, creating a high-gloss writing surface that will allow write on / wipe off with marker pens.

How long does whiteboard paint take to dry?

The paints only take a few hours to apply but you must wait for the manufacturer recommended time to allow the paint to fully cure before using the walls – typically around 5 days.

Do I need special brushes to apply whiteboard paint?

You can paint the surfaces yourself using ordinary paintbrushes – all the brand options we offer come supplied with very detailed instructions of how to apply to your desired surface.

Do you need primer for whiteboard paint?

We recommend using the matching primer to prime the surface before painting the whiteboard paint. This will ensure that the paint has something to bond with and prevents the paint reacting with any previous paint on the surface.

If creating a magnetic surface as well as writable, you will also need to apply the matching magnetic paint or primer before priming the surface.

How do you prepare walls for whiteboard paint?

Whiteboard paints are high gloss – and as such they do reflect any lumps and bumps. You want as smooth a starting point as possible, as any flaws are highlighted once the paint cures. We recommend taking the time to properly prepare the surface by filling even the smallest holes or cracks and taking time to sand down to a super smooth finish using a high grit sandpaper.

To give you an idea of the work involved - our professional installer spends more time preparing the wall than they do painting!

Is whiteboard paint safe?

Whiteboard paints are really safe to use friendly to humans & the environment. No smells or emissions, whilst you are painting the products means minimal disruption as they can be applied when the room is still in use. We only sell products that comply with European safety regulations and have passed quality control tests with our own installers.

How long does whiteboard paint last?

Whiteboard paints are really hard-wearing if you look after your surface well – we recommend using manufacturers whiteboard pens and cleaning fluids as these are tried and tested with the paints. Many come with a 10-year surface guarantee as long as they have been installed following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How do you remove whiteboard paint?

If you want to remove the surface, you can simply paint over the top with ordinary paint. No waste. No fuss.

How do I know which whiteboard paint to use?

If you are unsure which brand to choose, our dedicated sales team can talk you through the ranges.

If you’re on a budget, SketchPaint is a really good lower price option. Manufactured in Holland to a really high quality, this paint is our top-selling product and the one we have installed in our own offices.