Create a menu board

Simply paint an area of your wall, or if you are lucky enough to have a featured wall as in this picture, you an paint a peice of wood which you can fix to the wall.

Write on your daily specials, wipe off and start again.

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Counter Menus

Blackboard paint looks great when installed above the payment counter. You can write up your menu and pricelist, any daily specials and easily rub out and change dishes.

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Mini Menu Boards

A great way to display specials and menus on each table. These little wooden boards have been painted with Blackboard paint so that they can be used time and time again -no matter what you want to communicate to your customer. From wifi passwords to coffee flavour of the day!

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Something fun whilst you wait

We love the idea of providing the customer with some built in entertainment whilst they wait. for their order to be ready.

Blackboard paint is not restricted by size and shape giving you the freedom to get creative!

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Herb Displays

This is a really creative way to use blackboard paint. Here, little pot planters have been painted to make a really pretty display that would look fantastic on a shelf in your establishment.

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