We are often asked about whether we offer a MAGNETIC whiteboard paint.

The short answer is no - magnetic paints are made with iron filings in them, which give them their magnetically receptive qualities once they are applied to the wall.

Because whiteboard paints need a smooth surface to adhere to, it's not possible (yet) to create an all-in-one paint solution.

HOWEVER, by combining a magnetic paint, plaster or primer, with a finishing coat of whiteboard paint, you can achieve the same end result. Limitless sized magnetically receptive whiteboards with no join linesno size limitations, and no frames.

  • Step One - Wall Prep

    Sand, fill & Prime the surface. This is really key. The smoother the surface you are working with, the better the final finish will be.

  • Step Two - Magnetic Layer

    Apply the magnetic primer, plaster or paint in layers according to manufacturers instruction and allow to fully dry.

  • Step Three - Sand Smooth

    You need the top layer of magnetic paint/primer to be as smooth as possible. Sand smooth before covering in a coat of white primer.

  • Step 4 - Appy whiteboard paint

    Finally, apply the whiteboard paint in one coat to the smooth suface. Allow to cure for 5 days before testing out with whiteboard pens.