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Are you looking for materials to create a large wall for writing on, drawing on or just sticking things to?

The industry trends are showing us that full walls that can be used for brain storming sessions and creative thinking are becoming increasingly popular in both the educational and corporate market places. 

Green Monkey offer a wide range of products that push boundries that a traditional dry erase or magnetic whiteboard just can't deliver.


All of the products we offer are excellent quality and our experienced sales advisors can offer help, advice and support in making sure that you choose the best product for your specific requirements. Contact Us for assistance.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paints & Magnetic Paint

 Ideapaint Whiteboard Paint  SketchPaint  Magpaint Magnetic Paint
Chalkboard paint
 Ideapaint - the original whiteboard paint Sketchpaint whiteboard paint Magpaint magnetic paint Blackboard paint
IdeaPaint installation instructions Installing IdeaPaint Sketchpaint installation instructions Installing Sketchpaint Magnetpaint installation instructions Installing Magpaint Blackboard paint installation instructions Installing Blackboard paint

Magnetpaint with Sketchpaint Installation Instructions Using Mag & Sketch together

Sketchpaint use, maintenance & cleaning Sketchpaint use, maintenance & cleaning


Blackboard & Magnetpaint installation instructionsUsing Mag & Blackboard together

Selecting between our whiteboard paints is really a matter of brand preference. Both Sketchpaint and Ideapaint offer a seamless whiteboard finish once installed, and come available with a traditional white finish, or a transparent finish that can be painted over the top of emulsion paint to offer any colour you wish.

Ideapaint was developed in the U.S.A and was the first whiteboard paint on the market. Sketchpaint has been developed more recently in Europe and offers a more affordable alternative. Sketchpaint can also be used in conjunction with Magpaint magnetic paint to create a dry erase area that also accepts magnetic attachments. Please note - Ideapaint and magnetpaint have not been tested together, so we would not advise that you mix these products together.

Blackboard paint is available in a choice of surface colour options and again, can be used with magnetpaint to create a magnetic area that you can write on with chalks.

Dry Erase & Magnetic Wall Coverings


An alternative to our paint products are the range of wall covering products. These are slightly easier to install that the paint solutions.

The pay off is that the material comes in a set roll width, so if your wall exceeds this dimension you will need to join sections together to cover a whole area.

When done correctly, you still get a fantastic quality finish, and the wall covering products come in more options than the whiteboard paint. Click to see all options.

We have a selector tool that helps you choose the right wall covering for your needs.

Magnetic and non-magnetic dry wipe finishes
Semi matt surface suitable for projection
• The gridded and lined products are popular options in classrooms
• Flexisheet magnetic whiteboard wallpaper is our best selling product offering the most value for money when installing larger quantities.

Wall coverings can be configured as per the picture below:

 wall covering configuration options


Installation services - Wall covering and paints

Green Monkey can offer professional installation of all of our wall covering and paint products.

We use experienced painter decorating services with lots of experience with these products.
Please contact us for pricing.