Collection: MagnetPaint

MagnetPaint has a strong magnetic pull and can be painted onto almost any smooth surface to create a magnetically receptive display.

Attach notes, memos and pictures to your surface with magnet attachments.

Use the product on it's own for magnetic only, or pair with other products to create a writable magnetic area.

  • Grey MagnetPaint

    Use on its own for a magnetic wall in a dark grey finish.

  • Magnetic Wall

    Layer over the MagnetPaint with any standard emulsion, or even wallpaper on top to create a bespoke magnetic wall.

  • Magnetic Whiteboard

    Paint over the Magnetpaint with SketchPaint White for a writable magnetic surface that accepts dry-erase pens.

  • Clear Mag Whiteboard

    Top with any colour emulsion followed by SketchPaint Transparent for a colourful magnetic dry-erase wall.

  • Magnetic Blackboard

    Paint over the Magnetpaint with Blackboard paint for writable magnetic surface that accepts chalk.

How to install MagnetPaint