Colourful, writable walls look impressive and can inspire collaboration and creative thinking.

Some customers want to match to create a writable area that either matches their existing decor, or sometimes stands out as a separate section by using colour blocks to highlight the writable thinking wall.

We offer Blackboard paint in bright colour options, or you can achieve a writing surface of any colour of your choosing by using a transparent whiteboard paint.

Which Product Is Right For You?

  • IdeaPaint

    Our premium branded Whiteboard paint with superior erasability. IdeaPaint is manufactured in the USA and is the original whiteboard paint.

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  • Sketchpaint 

    A great quality and superb value Whiteboard Paint, Sketchpaint can be paired with Magnetpaint to create a magnetic and writable surface.

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  • Escreo

    Another trusted brand of whiteboard paint, Escreo paints come with an optional installation kit with everything you need to install a whiteboard wall.

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  • Blackboard paint

    Final finish is used with Chalk rather than whiteboard markers. Can be paired with Magnet Paint to create a magnetic writable surface. Available in 7 colours.

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