Blackboard Paint

Blackboard Paint

The Installer

Over the past 45 years Michael Harris has undertaken numerous decorating projects as a professional Painter and Decorator. Michael also trained as a French polisher to enhance his love for working on older properties. Carrying out large restoration projects has been Michael’s passion but he is now semi-retired and says “It’s nice to pass on any help and advice to fellow decorators, plus being semi-retired means he is able to pick and choose which jobs he undertakes.

The Brief

This project was a little more unusual, compared to most, as it was a kitchen wall in a 1930s property. The wall had recently been skimmed and is to be used as a memory board for a young professional couple who will leave notes for each other including work start and finish times informing each other when they’ll be back home and back in the country.

The Solution

The product specified for the job was BlackboardPaint. Prior to painting with the blackboard paint the newly skimmed wall was undercoated using a mid-grey acrylic primer undercoat. The blackboard paint was then applied using a 6 inch medium pile roller as anything larger would have caused fat edges due to the speed the paint dries.

The Review

Michael said:

The second coat went on absolutely fantastic, it flowed so easy over the first coat. I was amazed at how easy it went on and covered. The paint is touch dry after 10 minutes, which is brilliant if any youngsters live in the house. Another thing I loved about this paint, was that it is completely odourless and the brushes and rollers washed out so easily. The paint was left to cure for 3-4 days before chalk could be applied. The results of the product are amazing. It wipes clean brilliantly, it certainly had the wow factor from friends and visitors of the clients
When the client saw the end result after being away on business, she was blown away by the wall and overall look. She said “Wow, I never thought for one minute it would look this good!
The paint was a dream to work with, it fulfilled everything the client and I set out to do, it ticked every box and I will definitely use this paint on any future projects. 



 Check out the range below:

Blackboard Paint Range

This independent product review was carried out by a member of the Trade Decorator community and was published January 2023

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