Autumn Decor - Blackboard Paint

Autumn Decor - Blackboard Paint

Magnet Paint & Blackboard Paint - what a pair! 

Looking for ways to revamp your home office, jazz up your kitchen or have a creative space for the kids? - Look no further! It doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg to create something special, in fact it just takes a little bit of the right paint. 

Blackboard Paint is available in 7 colours to best suit your theme, whether you want to keep it classy in black, or go for funky flamingo pink! Write your shopping list, home motto or creative ideas on the wall. 

To maximize your project why not pair this with Magnet Paint underneath. This allows you to have a blackboard and a magnetically receptive surface all in one! You can pin your letters, notes, cards and childrens pictures up using magnets. 

If you'd like to utilize your walls and cabinets, that's fine too, you can paint the product onto the lower cabinets. Kids can doodle whilst you cook!

Happy drawing!


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