No Nails Policy- No problem

No Nails Policy- No problem

Are you in a rented property, student accomomodation, or you don't like hammering nails into your beautiful wall?

Many find this to be a problem when they want to hang a picture, that they simply can't because of a no nails policy. We have a simple soloution using our Magnetpaint & Magnetic Tape, truly a dynamic duo. 


Here's how to do it...

  • On a smooth painted wall install 3 coats of MagnetPaint (lightly sand in between each coat when dry)
  • Once the MagnetPaint has fully dried paint over in a wall colour our your choice. 
  • Choose what you would like to hang, a photo frame, canvas, calendar etc. 
  • On the reverse side of your picture place 4 strips on the Magnet Tape along the board. (or however many you require) 
  • And voila! The picture will adhere magnetically to the wall.

This is a great method if you like changing the designs on your wall or don't always want your picture in the same place on the wall. 


If you would like to give this a try purchase on Scribblewall using the links below:


Self-adhesive Magnetic Tape



Let us know what you've used your MagnetPaint & Tape for and send us a pic for a chance to be featured on our Social Media.  :) 

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