How about a bit of fun!

How about a bit of fun!

Tap into your creative side with our multi use Glow Paint!

Nothing more more exiciting than when shapes "Magically" appear glowing in the dark on your child's bedroom wall or ceiling. Or how about painting your stairs with glow paint so that the obligatory night time trip for a glass of water is that little bit safer!

With our Glow paint the possibilities are endless:

  • Use free hand to draw shapes or words
  • Use with wall paint stencils
  • Paint your steps 
  • Starry night sky on your ceiling 
  • Fire escape arrows on the floor or wall
  • Paint the whole wall if thats what you like


You'll be pleased to know Glow paint is emission-free, no nasty odours and safe to use indoors!


If you'd like to start your next project click the link below to purchase:





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