Scrum Walls

Scrum Walls

Does everything you need it to... 


What is a scrum/kanban wall?

A scrum wall gets the team together so that they can make a plan to move forward, whether it be a new contract, design or some serious decision making - a scrum wall has everything that you need. 

This usually consists of a whiteboard surface, columns and stcky notes. Having a scrum wall in the office is the perfect opportunity to get planning and make some decisions, why not check out the benefits of a vinyl scrum wall below. 


What are the benefits of using a Flexistick scrum wall in the office...

  • Visual Planning: The planning wall allows teams to create a visual representation of their projects and tasks. This can be done using various tools and materials such as our Flexisheet whiteboard wall covering and accessories . 
  • Dual Functionality: Flexistick is a premium quality vinyl that is self adhesive. The product is both dry erase and magnetically receptive - making it a perfect addition your boardroom or sales floor. 
  • Task Allocation: It provides a clear and easily accessible way to assign tasks to team members. Everyone can see who is responsible for what, which helps improve accountability.
  • Status Tracking: Teams can use the wall to update the status of tasks or projects in real-time. This transparency allows for quick assessments of progress and identifies any bottlenecks.


 What does a scrum wall include...

Scrum wall

  1. FlexiStick 1.27m high x 3m long
  2. 6 x Static ‘Header Cards’ (Backlog; Sprint; To-do; Doing; Pending; Done)
  3. 6 x Static Notepads Medium (100 x 70mm) assorted colours
  4. 3 x Static Notepads Large (140 x 100mm) assorted colours
  5. 10 x Drywipe Markers MEDIUM tip, black
  6. 2 x Rolls of non-residue Wall Tape
  7. 1 x Microfibre Boost Cloth
  8. 1 x Pack of 350 Dot Stickers, 
  9. 1 x The Definitive Guide to Scrum booklet.


How to install...(Similar to Flexisheet)



 So what are you waiting for, get creative and order your kit today!


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