A touch of nostalgia

A touch of nostalgia

We love the use of zoning in this meeting room to create one functional feature wall at the back of the meeting room.By combining magnetic paint with blackboard paint you can stick documents onto the surface using magnetic attachments or jot down notes using chalk or liquid chalk markers.

Blackboards have a classic, nostalgic charm that can enhance the ambiance of a meeting room. They can also be incorporated into the overall room design for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Blackboard wall in an office

What are the benefits of an office blackboard wall

  • Environmentally friendly: Blackboards are environmentally friendly as they don't require paper, ink, or electricity. This can be an important consideration in eco-conscious organizations.
  • Engaging & Interactive: Writing or drawing on a blackboard provides a tactile experience that some people find more engaging than using digital alternatives. It can also aid in memory retention for both presenters and viewers.
  • Aesthetically appeasing: Keep the office looking swanky with a timeless chalkboard effect wall. 

Get The Look

  1.  1. The smoother the surface that you apply the paints to, the better the end results will be. 2. First fill in any holes and imperfections and sand back to a smooth surface.
    3. Prime the surface with a water based primer.  4. Next you need to apply the magnetpaint in three layers. 
    5. Allow each layer to dry and give a light sand between layers 6. After the final layer is fully dry sand to a smooth flat surface - don't worry the surface will maintain its magnetic properties.
    7. Now apply the Blackboard paint on top of the magnetpaint in one or two layers. 8. Blackboard paint is quick-drying and your surface is ready to use in 24 hours.
    9. Enjoy the wall!


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