Memo Walls

Memo Walls

If you are as forgetful as me, an area in the kitchen to write notes is an absolute necessity...

  • Write shopping lists
  • Jot down recipes
  • Leave yourself reminders

Whiteboard Paint is the ideal product to create a writable surface of any shape and size, to compliment your kitchen design.

Whiteboard paint is a high gloss writable paint that is available in CLEAR or WHITE finish.

White is perfect if you are looking for that traditional whiteboard surface finish:

Clear/Transparent is perfect if you're looking for a writable area that neatly blends in with your existing decor:

Paint your walls with whiteboard paint to create high gloss surfaces that will accept whiteboard marker pens. Write on, and easily clean away. Ideal for jotting down recipes, to-do-lists, or writing reminders for your loved ones.

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