Movie Nights

Movie Nights

As the summer is ending and the nights are drawing in, who doesn't love a cosy movie night. Transform your wall into a projection wall with BeamerPaint!

Here's how to do it:

  • On your smooth finished wall apply 2 coats of BeamerPaint primer
  • Next apply the BeamerPaint finish to harden and set the stage.

It's just that simple!

What are the benefits of using a projectable paint over a standard manual screen?

  • Where space or electrics are an issue the paint simply goes on the wall.
  • It's discreet- when you're not using the BeamerPaint - no one would even know it was there. 
  • Allows you to have a bigger projectable surface of your desired size - custom sized screens can be very expensive to produce.

Guess what? Our BeamerPaint contains minimum volatile organic compounds (VOC) to give you added peace of mind when installing. 

So....who wants to watch a movie?

Grab Yourself a tin today!


Movie Night


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