Car Crazy

Car Crazy

Let's face it, when it comes to children's bedrooms the brighter and more interactive the better.

Using Blackboard paint in a child's room can be a great way to create a fun and interactive space for children to play and learn. With Blackboard & MagnetPaint  you can create a feature wall that your child will love.

If you have a car-crazy child check out these inspirational bedrooms where MagnetPaint and Blackboard paint have been paired to create racetracks on the walls....

Racetrack on bedroom wall 1

Racetrack on bedroom wall

Get The Look:

  • Ensure the surface is smooth and properly primed/ sealed.
  • Mark out the track lines with pencil onto the wall
  • Apply 3 coats of MagnetPaint to create the magnetic road area. You will need to leave drying time between each layer and a light sand between each layer
  • When the final layer is dry give the surface a good sand back to a smooth finish.
  • Once the MagnetPaint has fully dried apply Black BlackBoard paint over the top of the road. You can then make the road line markings with yellow or white tape / paint.
  • Finish the look using emulsion or blue and green chalkboard paint to create the grass / sky effect using at the top  and bottom of the road area.
  • Once complete you can use your magnet cars on the wall and draw in the road lines with chalk.
             Install 3        

Benefits of using MagnetPaint & Blackboard Paint- a professional's perspective (James McFadyen)

“As a decorator, both products were great to use and work well with very little effort in application. Both the Chalkboard and Magnet Paints are applied in the same way that you would apply most wall paints and using a small 4 or 6 inch roller and a good quality brush”

Why not grab yourself a tin today to get started on your next project!

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