Something fun whilst you wait...!

Something fun whilst you wait...!

We love the idea of providing the customer with some built in entertainment whilst they wait for their order to be ready.

Blackboard paint is not restricted by size and shape giving you the freedom to get creative...

Get the Look!

1. Ensure the wall is smooth and free from holes. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to clean. 

2. The wall should already be painted in a neutral colour

3. Open the blackboard paint and stir thoroughly until the paint is a uniform consistency. 

4. Pour some paint onto a roller tray and saturate the roller

 5. Remove excess paint from the roller. 6. Apply the blackboard paint to the wall.

7. The wall will be tack free within 30 minutes. 

8. Apply a second coat if required after 6 hours of drying, lightly sand the wall and apply the second coat.
8. Allow the paint to cure for 5 full days. 9. Enjoy the wall!!!!!

Grab yourself some Blackboard Paint today

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