Herb Displays

Herb Displays

This is a really creative way to use blackboard paint. Here, little pot planters have been painted to make a really pretty display that would look fantastic on a shelf in your establishment.


Get the Look!

1. Source some little plant pots in the desired size.

2. The surface should be clean and dry ready for painting.

3. Open the blackboard paint and stir thoroughly until the paint is a uniform consistency. 

4. Blackboard paint can be applied with a paintbrush.

 5. Remove excess paint from the brush. 6. Apply the blackboard paint to plant pot directly.

7. The blackboard pant will be tack free within 30 minutes. 

8. Apply a second coat if required after 6 hours of drying.
8. Allow the paint to cure for 5 full days. 9. Write on with chalk and off you go!

Grab yourself some Blackboard Paint today

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