Staff Rooms

Staff Rooms

"A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything!"

Staff rooms are an essential part of the school life, a dedicated place where teachers can rest and relax. Teaching can be a physically and mentally demanding profession. Teachers often have busy schedules with limited breaks throughout the day. A teachers' lounge provides a dedicated space for educators to take short breaks, relax, and recharge.

They are also a place of social interaction: Teaching can sometimes be isolating, as educators spend much of their day in classrooms. The lounge offers a place for teachers to interact with colleagues, share ideas, and build relationships with their peers. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and support within the teaching staff.

The lounge can be a hub for informal discussions and collaborations among teachers. They can share teaching strategies, discuss challenges, and brainstorm ways to improve their instruction. This collaborative environment can lead to better teaching practices and professional development.

By creating a collaboration wall in the staff room, it allows for a dedicated space to make notes and write down ideas.

You could go for a Whiteboard Wall, a Magnetic Wall or a Blackboard Wall.


Reasons to have a collab wall in your staffroom...

  • Posting important announcements or updates for staff members.
  • Scheduling and organizing meetings or events.
  • Sharing inspirational quotes or messages to boost morale.
  • Creating a space for staff to leave notes or messages for one another.
  • Keeping track of important dates, deadlines, or upcoming holidays.



Blackboard and whiteboard paint on the wall


Get The Look...

 1. The smoother the surface that you apply the paints to, the better the end results will be. 2. First fill in any holes and imperfections and sand back to a smooth surface.
3. Prime the surface with a water based primer.  4. Next you need to apply the magnetpaint in three layers. 
5. Allow each layer to dry and give a light sand between layers 6. After the final layer is fully dry sand to a smooth flat surface - don't worry the surface will maintain its magnetic properties.
7. Now apply the Blackboard paint on top of the magnetpaint in one or two layers. 8. Blackboard paint is quick-drying and your surface is ready to use in 24 hours.
9. Enjoy the wall!

How to install...


    You can grab yourself a tin of blackboard in a choice of exciting colours:

    Blackboard Paint

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