Magnetic Walls

Magnetic Walls

We love the look of these magnetic walls around the school, using MagnetPaint, painted with the school colours and utilising magnetic accessories. Keep the school looking bright, colourful and have functional walls with a dual purpose.  

The great thing about Magnetpaint is that it;s virtually undetectable and can blend in (or stand out) as much as you like. Use your magnetic walls around school for informative purposes, to post notices or brighten up the place with some student artwork. 


Why have a Magnetic wall in the corridoor... 

  • Interactive Displays: Magnetic walls can serve as interactive displays for educational materials. Teachers and students can use magnets to hang up posters, artwork, diagrams, and educational resources, making it easy to change and update the content as needed.
  • Bulletin Boards: Magnetic walls can function as bulletin boards for announcements, notices, and important information. Magnets can securely hold up documents and messages, preventing them from falling or getting damaged.
  • Art Galleries: Magnetic walls in art rooms or common areas can transform into art galleries where students' artwork can be displayed with ease. This can boost students' confidence and provide a platform for creative expression.
  • Signage: Magnetic walls can be used for  directional signage, helping students and visitors navigate the school premises.
  • Community Engagement: Magnetic walls placed near entrances or in common areas can be used to communicate with the school community, displaying news, event schedules, and community involvement opportunities.


Girl outting up papers with magnets


Why choose this brand?

Child Safe Logo       Water Based Product Logo VOC FREE LOGO

MagnetPaint is a water-based VOC Free paint which is easy to use and safe to apply. No nasty odours during application, and as long as you're painting it onto a nice smooth surface, you get a fantastic quality finish to attach magnets to.


Get the look...

1. Ensure the finished/ painted wall is smooth and free from holes. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to clean. 

2.Open the MagnetPaint and stir thoroughly until the paint is a uniform consistency. 

3. Pour some paint onto a roller tray and saturate the roller

4.  Remove excess paint from the roller.

 5.Apply the MagnetPaint paint to the wall. 6. Install 3 coats allowing for adequate drying time (approx 4 hours depending on conditions)- with a light sand in between each coat.

7. Allow the MagnetPaint to cure for at least 12 hours before applying any further paint/ finishing coat. 

8. Once totally dry paint a coat or two standard emulsion in a colour of your choice over the top.
8. And voila! The wall is ready to use 9. Don't forget the magnets 

How to install...




So what are you waiting for, get creative and order your tin today!


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