Whiteboard walls - why and how to create them

Whiteboard walls - why and how to create them

We frequently get requests from customers looking to create large whiteboard walls for their office, training room, meeting room or shared open-plan spaces. There are so many benefits to replacing traditional whiteboards with whiteboard surfaces and today we are going to explore what these are, and which product is best suited to your needs.

Why would I want a whiteboard wall?

Get Creative

Creative whiteboard wall surface
It's so important in today's world to collaborate with colleagues, share ideas and work together. Whilst there are many high-tech solutions for collaboration sometimes you want an old-school whiteboard. Good old fashioned pen and well, if not paper, something familiar! Whiteboard walls are the ideal tool for business planning, drawing diagrams, scribbling ideas and allowing the whole team to input. A great use of space, creating a large whiteboard wall area can add value to that precious time you have to brainstorm as a team.  

Whiteboard walls can be as large or small as you want

When creating whiteboard walls, you are not restricted by size and shape in the same way you are with traditional whiteboards.  If you want a big surface for your big ideas, it's best to opt for Whiteboard Paints or Whiteboard Wallpaper products. You can transform large areas, or even whole walls to write on whiteboard surfaces. As these products are applied directly to the wall there is no need for chunky framing taking up additional space. Whiteboard walls are also ideal if you have a small or unusual space that you want to be able to write on. There are no limitations but your own imagination!
quirky whiteboard walls magnetic whiteboard walls ceiling whiteboard walls
whiteboard wall column large whiteboard walls small whiteboard walls

Environmentally Friendly

Both whiteboard paints and whiteboard wallpaper products are low VOC products. Solvent-free and not harmful to the environment. They can both be applied whilst people are working in the area. Traditional whiteboards are non-biodegradable which means that they do not break down over time, they can not be recycled and eventually are sent to landfill sites.

Visually Appealing

Whiteboard walls can be a real show-stopper in a collaboration space. They look modern and sleek and as well as offering a practical working area they are much more visually impactful than traditional whiteboards hung on the wall.

How do I create a large whiteboard?

Choosing whether to opt for a whiteboard paint or a whiteboard wallpaper to create your whiteboard wall hinges on several factors. Below we review the main choices and why these may be the best fit for your needs. If you are unsure our team are happy to help. Please CONTACT US and we can discuss your requirements and help you in selecting the right product.

Whiteboard Paints: low cost and a seamless finish

Seamless finish

Whiteboard paints are a fantastic cost-effective way to turn your surface into a whiteboard. You simply paint onto your prepared surface and allow to dry. When cured they offer a seamless whiteboard wall area with great durability. If it is important for you to get this seamless look then whiteboard paints are the way for you to go.

whole whiteboard walls

Colour finish options

Maybe you don't want the writing surface to be white? If you have a specific colour in mind to match your office scheme, Choose a transparent whiteboard paint that you can paint over the top of an existing painted wall. You can paint over the top of bright coloured logos or giant maps to create functional and great-looking walls  
Coloured Whiteboard Walls orange whiteboard walls with transparent whiteboard paint blue whiteboard walls with transparent whiteboard paint

Unusual shapes and surfaces

Whiteboard paints offer great flexibility and can be used on curved walls or unusually shaped areas. You can also apply the paints to other surfaces as well as walls. Such as tabletops or partitions. If you need a magnetic area as well as write-on, you can pair these paint products with Magnetic primers, plasters and paints which allow you to attach magnets to the finished surface as well as drywipe write on.

Cost-effective for smaller areas

If the area you are looking to cover is smaller than 5m squared then the Whiteboard paints are a fantastic cost-effective way to turn your surface into a whiteboard. The smallest whiteboard wallpaper rolls are larger than this so may not be for you.

Whiteboard Wallpapers: Rapid installation and ready-to-use instantly

Time constraints

 clock picture Whiteboard wallpaper products are purchased on rolls and applied to the wall using an adhesive. They are quick to install and can be applied much quicker than multi-layered paint solutions. They are also ready to use as soon as the adhesive is dry - which is typically within 24 hours. Unlike whiteboard paint products, whiteboard wallpaper does not require a curing time, so if speed is of the essence, then a wallpaper solution would be better for you.


Magnetic properties

  Magnetic whiteboard wallpaperIf you are looking for a magnetically receptive surface as well as dry erase then wallpaper products are often the best solution. Our best selling FlexiSheet whiteboard wallpaper is already magnetically receptive. This can make installation much more cost-effective, as only one day is required for installation. Comparatively, to create a magnetic painted wall, you would need at least a day in between painting whiteboard paints on top of the magnetic layers. 

Cost-effective for larger walls, multiple areas or rooms

If you have a large area to cover or are planning on installing onto several different rooms, Whiteboard wallpaper might be more cost-effective for you. As these products are supplied on rolls, you can use as much material you need in one area, and then move onto the next. Paint products are two-part solutions, and once mixed have a time-constraint to apply to the wall. Sometimes on larger jobs, it is not practical to get all the paint applied in the time limitation. Whiteboard wallpaper allows you more flexibility to use at your own leisure. Typically the rolls are supplied in a width of 1.2m. This means that if you want to cover full walls you apply the material in sections, with the join lines in low traffic areas. As these products are purchased in rolls they have a larger coverage than tins of whiteboard paint. For larger jobs, they often work out more cost-effective on both material and labour costs.
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