A Touch of Nostalgia in the Kitchen...

A Touch of Nostalgia in the Kitchen...

"Amidst the whispers of the gentle breeze, A wistful heart succumbs to memories, In twilight's hues of golden glow, Nostalgia weaves its tale, soft and slow."

Do you long for the days of your trip to Paris in that little cafe with the chalkboard menu and quaint decorations of yesteryear. Or your favourite spot you frequented for lunch as a child with the club sandwich and ice-cream float soda. Fear not! For the memories of yesterday can come to your very own kitchen.

There's something so traditional and classic about a chalkboard surface in a kitchen or cafe. Not only do they look fab, they can be practical to use in your very own kitchen 

Blackboard paint in the kitchen

What are the benefits of a kitchen blackboard wall 

  • Shopping lists & meal planning: The kitchen is often the central place for meal planning and grocery lists. With a blackboard wall, you can easily jot down the items you need to buy, making it convenient to keep track of your shopping needs.
  • Kitchen Tips and Hacks: Share kitchen tips, cooking tricks, or quick hacks on the blackboard wall, benefiting everyone who steps foot in the kitchen.
  • Menu of the Day: Get children involved and  use the blackboard  wall to display the menu of the day with pictures. 
  • Reminders and To-Do Lists: Write down important reminders and to-do lists on the blackboard  wall to ensure you stay organized and don't forget essential tasks.
  • Family Notes and Messages: Leave heartwarming notes, doodles, or messages for family members on the blackboard wall.  

Get the Look!

1. Ensure the wall is smooth and free from holes. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to clean. 

2. The wall should already be painted in a neutral colour

3. Open the blackboard paint and stir thoroughly until the paint is a uniform consistency. 

4. Pour some paint onto a roller tray and saturate the roller

 5. Remove excess paint from the roller. 6. Apply the blackboard paint to the wall.

7. The wall will be tack free within 30 minutes. 

8. Apply a second coat if required after 6 hours of drying, lightly sand the wall and apply the second coat.
8. Allow the paint to cure for 5 full days. 9. Enjoy the wall!!!!!


How to install...

Woman and cild painting blackboard paint on the wall

What our customers have to say...

"It is completely odourless, and the brushes and rollers washed out so easily."

“The paint was a dream to work with, it fulfilled everything the client and I set out to do, it ticked every box and I will definitely use this paint on any future projects." 

Why choose this brand?

Child Safe Logo       Water Based Product Logo VOC FREE LOGO

The Blackboard paint is a water-based VOC Free paint which is easy to use and safe to apply. No nasty odours during application, and as long as you're painting it onto a nice smooth surface, you get a fantastic quality finish that you can write on with chalks and wipe off.

So what are you waiting for, get creative and order your tin today!

Blackboard Paint

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