Graffiti Wall!

Graffiti Wall!


Calling all artists and designers! 

  • Do you need a creative space to let your ideas and designs run wild?
  • Are you concerned about the environment and want to cut down on your paper usage?
  • Tired of your ugly yellow whiteboard cramping your style?


Our SketchPaint is so versatile and discreet, when not in use you wouldn't even know it was there as it's perfectly inconspicous. 

  • Turn any surface into a whiteboard - can be used on walls, tabletops, pillars, doors - anywhere with a smooth flat surface
  • High quality dry erase finish in traditional WHITE
  • Ideal for training rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms and children's bedrooms alike, this flexible product is safe, durable and performs well. 
  • You are no longer limited to specific sized whiteboards but can make your entire wall an area to ESTABLISH concepts, ENVISION ideas and EDUCATE your team or class with the versatile SketchPaint

The paint comes as a base paint and a hardner, simply mix the two together carefully following the instructions and apply to the wall of your choice. 


Environmentally friendly

Because it has no (0%) Volatile Organic Compounds, no smells & no emissions while drying it is friendly to humans & the environment and complies with European Safety regulations. 


 Try out Sketchpaint here today: 

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