Flexible magnetic wallpaper

Flexible magnetic wallpaper

Don't count the days, make the days count...

Time is precious, here at Scribblewall we feel it's important to have a  flexible working space that is simple and doesn't take up too much time to create. Working from home is a great alternative to getting stuck in traffic everyday, the work still gets completed and usually on a quicker deadline. Fewer distractions, a more peaceful working environment, and additional time saved without having to commute - all add to the benefits of working from home. 

To ensure your space is both, aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to use - we recommend checking out this fantastic and versatile product- FlexiStick!


What are the benefits of using Flexistick in your home office.

  • Get the Look: Flexistick is a much trendier alternative to a dated bulky whiteboard. The sleek design ensures that the product blends into your interior and is quite flat against the wall. You can either add a vinyl or aluminium trim or leave the Flexistick as is. 
  • Dual Functionality: Flexistick is a premium quality vinyl. The product is both dry erase and magnetically receptive - making it a perfect addition for your home office. 
  • Ease of install: We recommend using Flexistick for smaller installations 3-5m or less in length. The product is self-adhesive, so you don't have to worry about buying a separate glue. Simply peel and stick.
  • Customisation: So customise your home office with Flexistick and see the product work it;s magic, make notes, magnetically stick documents and pictures to the wall and even do some drawing if you like.


 The fun is just beginning...

Flexistick installed on a desk            Flexistick installed on a desk 2

How to install...(Similar to Flexisheet)



 So what are you waiting for, get creative and order your roll today!


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