GlowPaint! Totally Roarsome

GlowPaint! Totally Roarsome

Stars on ceilings, galaxies on walls, Whispering tales as the moonlight falls. The world transforms, a nocturnal delight, As glow paint reveals its mystical might.

GlowPaint is a very exciting and versatile paint. Whether it's interior design, commercial safety purposes or for a child's bedroom - the possiblities are endless with GlowPaint.

This children's bedroom wall mural has been created using GlowPaint to give a truly epic T-Rex design, the perfect nighttime guardian. 


Get the Look!

1. Ensure the wall is smooth and free from holes. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to clean. 

2. We recommend installing the product onto a white wall to give the best visual effect

3. Apply the matt black washi tape to the wall in the shape of your design

4. Stir the paint and add to the paint tray 

 5. Using a roller or brush paint the required area 6. We recommend up to 4 coats to give a solid glow effect

7. Allow the paint approx 1 hour to dry in between coats 

8.30 minutes of lighting and the paint is visible for up to 25 hours!
8. Enjoy the wall!!!!!


Why choose this brand?            

Water based logoGlowPaint is a water-based VOC Free paint which is easy to use and safe to apply. No nasty odours during application, and as long as you're painting it onto a nice smooth surface, you get a fantastic quality finish. 

What our customers have to say...

It’s very simple to apply, with a pva glue type colour when applying and the product dries clear, with a slight yellow tinge.  “I’d definitely recommend it for use for this type of application. It provides a bright glow and it’s easy to apply. Recoat times of an hour are brilliant, plus its water based for easy clean-up. 

To create your very own epic glow in the dark wall purchase the product here...


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