Create a Reading Nook

Create a Reading Nook

Create a Reading Nook 

In a world full of technology, it's nice for children to take some time out and read a good old fashioned book! But not everywhere is suitable for little ones to get fully immersed into the world of books. They need peace and quiet to let their imagination run wild...


Reading Nook

A reading nook is a cosy and comfortable space specifically created for reading and relaxation. It is often designed to provide a quiet and peaceful environment, allowing children to enjoy their favourite books or engage in other quiet activities.



Don't worry you don't need a lot of space to create a reading nook - it's all in the name- a nook!  A small space that could be the corner of a room, an alcove or if you want to keep things interesting a cosy children's Tepee!


Paints in the Reading Nook

To make the nook as interactive as possible we recommend using some effective atmospheric paint, or some paint to encourage further expression and learning. If you want a spooky atmospheric reading nook use our GlowPaint to create a starry nights sky, paint a dinosaur or something else that would appeal to your little one. For a collaboration area install our SketchPaint whiteboard paint or Blackboard paint, your little one can draw and write on the wall at will whilst enjoying their book, or perhaps even come up with some stories of their own.


What does it need

We recommend making the space as comfortable as possible, so use a comfy chair, some scatter cushions or blankets so they can really relax. 

Good lighting is a must, try a small reading lamp, some fairy lights or bright overhead/ natural light from the window.

Add some low shelving or a small freestanding bookcase to present all the books -ready to read. 


children's tent with glowing stars painted on the wall and fairy lights


Get the Look

1. Ensure the wall is smooth and free from holes. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to clean. 2. We recommend installing the product onto a white wall to give the best visual effect

3. Apply the stencil to the wall in the shape of your design or go freehand 
4. Stir the paint and add to the paint tray
5. Using a roller or brush paint the required area 6. We recommend up to 4 coats to give a solid glow effect
7. Allow the paint approx 1 hour to dry in between coats 8. Just 30 minutes of lighting and the paint is visible for up to 25 hours!
8. Enjoy the wall!!!!!  


If you would like to create your own reading nook - check out our range of products below.


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